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About us

Lisman & Partners Ltd is an international company which specialises in the proceedings related to the confirmation of Polish citizenship and Polish passports for clients with a family history of Polish birth or background.

The company is also involved in the legal services pertaining to ownership of property left in Poland. The interests of our clients are represented by Polish attorneys and lawyers.

Our clients time is of an utmost importance to us. Therefore it is our priority to deal with the tasks entrusted to us as swiftly as possible.

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Our offer



Confirmation of Polish citizenship
Transcription of foreign records
Archival research
Acquisition of PESEL (Personal Identification Number)
Assistance in Polish Consulates around the world
Legalization of foreign divorce decrees
Legalization of foreign adoption decisions
Correction of vital records
First and last name change

Restitution of expropriated and nationalized property
Warsaw's land
Lost Jewish property
Property east of the Bug river
Acquisition of real estate by foreigners
Settlement of the legal status, including inheritance
Property protection
Recovery of inhabited housing units sold by the city
Compensation for the use of property by not rightful owners

Lisman & Partners Ltd

is a professional, company that represents its customers before
Polish authorities, Polish Consulates, courts and other state institutions.

The procedure

The process of obtaining a Polish passport by persons of Polish origin consists of four steps:


Confirmation of Polish citizenship


Transcription of birth and/or marriage certificates


Acquisition of a PESEL /Personal Identification Number/


Application for a Polish passport

Anyone who has obtained confirmation of Polish citizenship, Polish birth and/or marriage records and PESEL number has the right to apply for a Polish passport. For persons who live in Poland, the application for a Polish passport has to be filed with the local passport office. However, people who live outside Poland, may apply for a Polish passport at the Polish Consulate nearest to the person’s place of residence.


Benefits of having a Polish Citizenship:

Having a European Union passport

Freedom to cross borders within the European Union
  without a visa

Unlimited period of stay or residence in the European Union

Freedom to work in countries that are members of the European Union

Access to free education in the European Union

The right to purchase property in Poland as a Polish citizen

Polish citizenship and Polish passport does not exclude
the possibility of having another nationality. Dual nationality is legal


Lisman & Partners Ltd provides professional representation on behalf of clients before Polish authorities, Polish Consulates, courts and other state institutions. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified consultants who undertake complex archival document searches in Poland and other countries. Our team of lawyers provide excellent advice and representation in court proceedings as necessary. Our aim is to provide successful and timely results for our clients.


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